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The Women’s Guide to Triathlon

The Women’s Guide to Triathlon is the definitive companion for female triathletes. Authored by the national governing body of the sport, USA Triathlon, this landmark resource features expert instruction and personal insights from 20 of the world’s top female coaches and athletes

With the latest research, proven techniques, and expert advice, this authoritative guide addresses the unique demands of today’s female triathletes. You’ll find the most effective strategies for training and competing through all of life’s stages; avoiding and overcoming common injuries; and balancing the constant demands of the sport, family, and work.

For women, by women, The Women’s Guide to Triathlon is the one guide that every female triathlete should own.

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Chapter 1 Gearing Up
Rachel Casanta
Chapter 2 Tri-Specific Strength Training and Performance Testing
Sarah Haskins
Chapter 3 Fueling the Female Triathlete
Stacy T. Sims
Chapter 4 Mental Training for the Inner Athlete
Siri Lindley
Chapter 5 Alternative Exercises for Triathletes
Sage Rountree
Chapter 6 Streamlining Your Swim
Sara McLarty
Chapter 7 Biking Strong
Lindsay Hyman
Chapter 8 Running Smart
Margie Shapiro
Chapter 9 Progressing From Sprint to Half Ironman
Melissa Mantak
Chapter 10 The Traveling Triathlete
Tara Comer
Chapter 11 Race-Day Strategy
Melissa Stockwell
Chapter 12 Injury Prevention and Recovery
Krista Austin
Chapter 13 Coaching Options for Triathletes
Gale Bernhardt
Chapter 14 Training Through Life Stages
Wendy Francke
Chapter 15 Integrating Triathlon Into Your Busy Life
Rebeccah Wassner and Laurel Wassner
Chapter 16 Starting Children in Triathlon
Shelly O’Brien
Chapter 17 Succeeding in Off-Road Triathlons
Melanie McQuaid
Chapter 18 Careers in Triathlon
Celeste Callahan and Brenda Barrera

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