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Mastering Swimming


Renowned coaches Jim Montgomery and Mo Chambers have teamed up to create the ultimate swimming guide for masters athletes. Swimmers aged 18 to 120 will benefit from a targeted approach that covers these essentials

    Stroke instruction and refinement for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly
    Workout plans for fitness and competition
    Training for open-water swimming and triathlon
    Second-saving starts and turns

In addition, Mastering Swimming covers equipment, dryland training, motivational strategies, and guidance for selecting a masters coach or program. With such complete coverage, it’s the one resource you’ll turn to time and again for a lifetime of serious swimming.


I: Taking the Plunge

1. Start With a Vision, Train With a Plan
2. Set the Stage for Success
3. Develop Your Water Sense

II: Fine Tuning Your Strokes

4. Freestyle
5. Backstroke
6. Butterfly
7. Breaststroke
8. Starts, Turns, and Finishes

III: Conditioning for Success

9. Workout Essentials
10. Pool Workouts
11. Dryland Training
12. Open-Water Training
13. Make Your Plan for Success

IV: Competition

14. Competing in Pool Events
15. Competing in Open Water

Resources for Selecting a Coach or Training Program
Sample Pool Workouts